Camel treks, historic reenactments & educational programs

Education Programs

Need a new approach to teaching Texas History or a new idea for school assemblies?
TEKS-derived presentation addresses, reinforces and enhances classroom curriculum while your students are entertained!

Social Studies-Learn about the cultures that use camels.

Natural Science-Explore the deserts of the world that camels call home.

All youth-oriented programs include a strong, anti-smoking message to ensure a safe and drug free educational environment.

Texas History classes, school-wide assemblies, zoos, libraries or museums are perfect for teaching young and old alike about the little-known part the Texas Camel Corps played in settling the Wild West. Programs address a variety of topics from the adaptive nature of camels to their environment to the similarities that man and camel share while living in harsh climates. Presentation can be tailored to buyer’s needs.

“This was one of the best assemblies, if not the best, we have ever had.” Mark Merrell, principal, Colorado Middle School, Colorado City, Texas

“It’s funny, when I am older I’ll be telling my children my first kiss was with a camel!” Erin S., student, Double Adobe Elementary School, Douglas, Arizona

“Visitor numbers were up at least 75%…Your ability to relate the animals to our current Omnimax film “Mysteries of Egypt” truly made their visit memorable.” James Nesmith, Special Events Administrator, Science Spectrum/Omnimax, Lubbock, Texas