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Calendar of Events
February 23: South Lake, Texas. Private event
February 27/28/March 1: Victoria, Texas. Texas Our Texas, Children's Museum of the Golden Crescent

March 5/6: Pearsall, Texas. School education programs
March 7/8: Brackettville, Texas. Fort Clark annual living history event
March 9/10, 12/13, 15/16, 18/19: Fort Davis, Texas. Texas Camel Treks
March 21/22: Fort McKavett, Texas. Fort McKavett State Historical Site, annual living history event
March 24: Gainesville, Texas. Frank Buck Zoo training
March 28: Valley Mills, Texas. Farm visit, Hamilton County homeschool group

April 5: San Antonio, Texas. Los Bexarinos genealogical society, speaking engagement (no camels)
April 6: Valley Mills, Texa. Farm visit
April 11/12: Mexia, Texas. Confederate Reunion Grounds, annual living history event
April 12: Austin, Texas. St. Stephen's Episcopal School, private event
April 13-15: Valley Mills, Texas. Farm visit

May 2/3: Bronte, Texas. Fort Chadbourne, annual living history event
May 8: Valley Mills, Texas. Farm visit
May 13: Temple, Texas. Sons of Confederate Veterans, speaking engagement (no camels)
May 16/17: Sheffield, Texas. Fort Lancaster, annual living history event
May 25-27: Valley Mills, Texas. Farm visit

The Texas Camel Corps was established to educate the public on the historic use of camels in America in the 19th century.

The forms this education takes on are camel treks, historic reenactments and school, library, zoo and museum programs. Other business endeavors include featuring our camels as part of faith-based or cultural events as well as TV/Film production.

At the heart of it all, though, is education. Whether it’s the perpetuation of the unique role camels played in settling Western America, utilizing the camels as a classroom for environmental/social studies or trekking over the very ground that the historic US Army Camel Corps explored in the 1850’s and 1860’s the driving goal of the Texas Camel Corps is to share our camels in one of a kind settings that the public will enjoy and remember.

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